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Icenite user management is second to none

Your Icenite website supports 5 unique user roles, including Players, Parents, Coaches, Board Members and Sponsors. These user roles each allow your club members unique abilities based on their specific needs. For example, Sponsor users are able to upload custom advertisements to promote themselves on your website. Parents users are able to manage their children players, including dues and events management.

Icenite makes it easy to run a great website

Icenite makes it easy to choose from various customizable templates and get the exact look and feel you want for your program. Use our image builder software to design your own unique header graphic, customize colors, fonts, layouts and styles, all with a few easy clicks. Advanced users can take full control of their website's CSS, allowing you to break-out from templates and customize your site to your heart's content. With Icenite, if you can imagine it, your website can do it!

Your Icenite website keeps YOU in control

Your Icenite website keeps you in control of your users' abilities and features. For example, you can give a board member access to manage your club finances or allow a coach to manage their players. You can even give selected abilities to specific, trusted players, allowing them to help manage the club website, or publish news updates. Icenite understands: you don't have time to spend hours upon hours messing with your website, which is why we make it easy to delegate. With Icenite the way you manage your club remains flexible, dynamic, and completely up to you.

Control your Icenite website via your mobile device

Icenite's built-in WordPress integration allows you to share club news and upload photos directly from your iPhone, iPad or Android. With Icenite you can update and communicate from anywhere your mobile device gets service. Update your Icenite website from the gym, from the car, from anywhere your mobile is connected. Icenite allows you to take full advantage of the technology already in your pocket. Leave the desk, and embrace the mobile revolution!

Icenite offers integrated directions via Google Maps

Your Icenite website allows you to enter your club location, and any other locations where your team or club members practice or meet. These addressess you provide are automatically integrated via Google Maps to offer driving directions. A new player or parent can enter their current location and get customized, step-by-step driving directions they can print out with a single click. These same locations and directions are also integrated into your events, making it easy to find the action.

Grow your club with Icenite online billing

The electronic billing offered via your Icenite website will streamline your club dues. Players and Sponsors can be billed via PayPal, either one-time or via recurring billing. All payments received via PayPal are tracked automatically, allowing you and your staff to analyze club economics in real-time. You can also download this data to a CSV file so it can be manipulated via Excel or your favorite 3rd-party accounting program.

The Icenite form builder offers your club a powerful tool

Icenite's built-in form builder allows you to create and modify fully functioning forms without any special programming knowledge. You can customize your profile forms with text input or multiple choice drop-downs, radio button and checkboxes. Create custom contact forms, and custom event sign up forms. Have form responses sent via email to multiple club administrators, or analyze form resonses with a built-in graph. Need more control? Export form response data as a CSV file and manipulate it in Excel or another 3rd-party spreadsheet program.

Your Icenite website offers unparalleled communication

Your Icenite website offers countless ways to communicate with your club. You can create as many pages as you need, linked together via a custom, multi-level menu. You can produce current news updates which are automatically syndicated via your RSS feed. You can send emails, or text messages, to specific users, groups, your parents, your coaches, or participants of a specific event. Need to tell everyone that the event has been moved? Now you can- with only a few clicks.

Icenite offers the best event management in the sport

Event management is critical to your club, and Icenite understands this. Our software allows you to create events with recurring dates, with different locations, times and details for each specific day. Players, parents and coaches can sign up for events by filling out customized forms, allowing you to collect and analyze whatever data is important to your club. Your Icenite website will ensure that your online calendar is always accurate with its perpetual up-to-the-moment updates.

Customize your Icenite website with moveable widgets

Other team management software requires you to run a cookie-cutter website, identical to hundreds, if not thousands, of others. Your Icenite is different. In addition to a fully customizable style, each Icenite website can be configured with dozens of widgets. Your home page, sidebars and footer are populated with drag-and-drop widgets, making it a snap to reorganize your website, add cool new features, and get rid of any features that are irrelevant to your specific club. Not only can you change the way your website looks, you can change the way your Icenite works too!

Your Icenite calendar keeps the club together

When running dozens and dozens of events and programs, your calendar can become a confusing mess for everyone. This is why the Icenite calendar was designed to allow group organization. Your players, coaches and other users will see only the events that are designated to their specific groups. This allows you to minimize the amount of listings shown on the calendar to only those relevant to the specific user browsing. The result? Less confusion, less wasted time.

Make your Icenite website a hub of the community

Sharing team and member achievements with your community has never been easier. Icenite's built-in WYSIWYG editor allows you to create rich, multimedia pages and news posts. Style your text with custom fonts, colors, styles and formatting. Insert images, or full image galleries, to offer exciting, dynamic content to your users. Build nested menus with categories, sub-categories, and sub-sub-categories; organize your information according to the needs and design of your specific club.

Your Icenite website is fully integrated with social media

Not only will Icenite help build your program, it will help build your program's community, sharing content from others, and promoting your own content "virally". Facebook comments can be integrated into events and news articles, allowing community members to discuss a topic or get organized for an upcoming event. Services such as Twitter, YouTube, Google G+, LinkedIn, Reddit, Digg and countless more are made available through widgets and other options.

Questions? The Icenite staff is ready to help!

When you have questions, we are here to help you via telephone, web meeting and online help desk 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The Icenite staff will be happy to offer a guided tour of the system, answer any questions you may have, and help you set up your website however you want it. Our service agents understand that coaches don't have time to worry about computer details- they need the system working- now! Tell us what you are trying to do, and our staff will setup your Icenite website to do it. If you are a do-it-yourself type who wants training and hands-on control, or a non-techie afraid of the computer, we can help you run an outstanding program.

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